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Node-RED Plugin Version 1.5.0-1

Sample control panel a Node-RED integration with

From we have released a new Node-RED Plugin version with some improvements and fixes.

Between the highlights of this new version, we have added the possibility to filter by tags in the bucket read node, needed feature when using product buckets.

Bucket Read node form with bucket tags

Also available for configuration in the input message:

Bucket Read node tags property documentation

It is now possible to add a project to the device and bucket create nodes, extending and replicating the capabilities available in the UI.

Bucket Create node form with bucket tags

Between the fixes, we have made some improvements into the storage read and write nodes.

The full changelog is available here

In regards of the underlying Node-RED, we have update it to the last version 3.1.0. More information in Node-REDs blog post.

Checkout the doc for the this plugin.