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Node-RED Plugin Version 1.7.0-1

Sample control panel a Node-RED integration with

From we have released a new Node-RED Plugin version with some improvements and fixes, hoping to resolve some bugs and make flows easier.

One of the most useful features of this new version is the possibility to use the input message properties through the nodes configuration forms via templates, avoiding the need to use functions or change nodes before concatenating thinger nodes. For example, to call a resource of a device, we can do the following, given that the input message contains a property id and property resource:

Device Read input configuration through templates

This functionality is available for all nodes that allow input messages. More information for each individual node can be found in Node-RED node documentation.

Device Read node documentation

Given this new feature, the endpoint call node can now configure its payload through the configuration form:

Device Endpoint call node configuration form

The Asset Iterator node can now filter also assets based on assigned products.

Asset Iterator node product filter

Additionally, now the request against the sevice has a configuration timeout, with a default of 30 seconds. server node input configuration

We welcome everyone to interact with us through our community at as well as from this extensionss GitHub repository

The full changelog is available here

Checkout the doc for the this plugin.