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IoT Consultants Marketplace presents an unparalleled opportunity for consultancies to excel in IoT integration. With our support, you can efficiently develop last-mile integrations and seamlessly deploy devices for your clients. Connecting with potential customers becomes a breeze, allowing you to identify the perfect-fit solutions for their unique needs. With enhanced customer satisfaction and project success, you’ll establish yourself as a go-to consultancy in the IoT realm. platform with person showing a workflow with devices integrated into the platform Marketplace offers a unique opportunity for consultancies to develop last-mile integrations and facilitate seamless device deployment for their clients. By leveraging our platform, consultancies can efficiently connect with potential customers and identify the best-suited devices for their specific solutions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and project success.


Fast and simpler development processes

Reduce long-term technologic debt

Win-win relationship: They find customers growing our SAAS sales

Incorporating Marketplace into your consultancy toolkit offers a multitude of benefits, which include:

  1. Using the marketplace, consultancies find the best hardware for their projects.
  2. The plugin provides simple and fast devices configuration.
  3. Platform no-code tools allows them to custom the dataflow to the last-mile requirements.
  4. The new solution is ready to be deployed within a fraction of the cost and TTM.

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